Insulating coating


All our coatings can be applied with a painting-brush, a roller or a high-pressure gun. Surfaces must be completely dry and clean of dust, rust, grease… and primed properly.



Application between 5°C and 35°C
Not recommended to apply in full sun
Mix well before use

In case of moss or algae

Clean with javel in water
Rinse with water
Use an anti-moss product
Let dry completely 

If salpetre is present

Brushing away the salpetre
Wash with a hydrocloric acid diluted to 10% in water
Rinse with water
Let dry completely

If there is rust

Brushing rust away
Rinse with water
Let dry completely

Painted surfaces

If already painted, the previously applied INSULISO MAX must be sanded and washed and, for safety’s sake, INSULISO MAX should be placed before overpainting INSULISO COATING. In this way, the product can achieve its optimal properties.

If the paint is in poor condition, remove it completely and proceed with INSULISO MAX as with unpainted surfaces.

Unpainted surfaces

Metals: Thoroughly clean the entire surface to be treated. Wash everything and ensure that the metal is completely rust free. Sand if necessary. Also make sure that the surroundings and surfaces are free of dust.

Glass, pans, tiles, faiences, etc.: thoroughly clean the surface to be worked. Wash everything and make sure that the surface to be painted is completely clean. Also make sure that the surroundings and surfaces are free of dust. Place two or three layers on glass.

PVC and other plastics: clean the surface thoroughly. Wash everything off. Sand if necessary. Also make sure that the surroundings and surfaces are free of dust.

Then apply INSULISO MAX to improve the anchoring of the following layers. Finally, apply INSULISO COATING with at least 0.2-0.6 kg / m2 or 0.250-0.750 litres / m2 ratio.

Step by step


Follow these steps carefully for a perfect result.

1. Cleaning nicely

Always clean the surface nicely. Completely free moss and algae. Wash off and allow to dry completely before applying the coating.

2. Fill all cracks

Clean all cracks and fill them completely. Leave to dry nicely before the fixing product to apply.

3. Insuliso FIX/MAX

Treat the cleaned and completely dry walls with INSULISO FIX or INSULISO MAX in order to paint the final layer.

4. Insuliso coating

Placement of the insulating INSULISO COATING in order to enjoy maximum comfort. Fresh in summer and warm in winter.